5.- 8.July 2017


05. - 08.July 2017  |  Guggisberg  |  Switzerland


Let’s meet at this magic place and reconnect to our voice - the instrument of our soul - with the help of ancient medicine songs and sweat lodge rituals.

This workshop is about singing and chanting as medicine, for prayer and the possibility to tune your body.
However sometimes fear stands in the way of singing.
Sometimes we’ve neglected ourselves as musical instruments so much so that we’ve fallen out of tune.
The invitation is to sing and chant bravely, humbly and honestly. We will be learning new songs and will be experimenting in an array of different situations.
For example alone, in a group or in the sweatlodge. We will be learning how to practice and improvise. No matter what level you are at, you have the chance to develop a method to achieve your singing goals.
Through singing you can recognise your own mental blocks and how to overcome them, on your own or through support.
Please bring a short song with you, no matter the piece.

Ignacio Fernández Bollo and Helge Bartels
Ignacio is a musician and studied composition in Germany and Holland. During his studies he received years of singing lessons during which Ignacio become interested in music therapy. This is how he first came into contact with heal-singing.
Ignacio has been researching and practicing singing and healing traditions of the Andes and Amazonas for years. He lives and sings in Peguche, a beautiful little village in the Ecuadorian Andes. From there he regularly visits the jungle.
Helge is a pedagogue, coach and Visionssucheleiter (Sorry ich ha kai ahnig was das überhaupt isch) (school of lost borders) is self-employed, accompanying groups as well as individuals through transitions. Helge has set up a healing centre in Eschwege in which he holds meetings to which he invites many interesting guest lecturers.

Muriel Kunz & Gea van Vulpen
Applications and further information:

Oase mystic-mama, Mirjam Helfenberger, Hältetli 173, 3158 Guggisberg, Schweiz

05.July (2pm) - 08.July (3pm)

290 Fr. | Workshop
153 Fr. | All inclusive vegetarian meal & ovenight stay in own single tent
213 Fr. | All inclusive vegetarian meal & ovenight stay in 2-or 3-bedroom room